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Is cannabis legal in Spain? The limits imposed by the law.

Spain is one of the most liberal countries on the subject of cannabis, that's why the culture of grass has undergone a rapid spread and therefore it was necessary to regulate its use.

Cannabis law in Spain offers the possibility of consumption and production, but only under certain conditions. Actually, Marijuana is legal, but it should also be noted that consumption is allowed only and exclusively in Cannabis Social Clubs present throughout the territory, where to access them you need to be member and therefore you need to pay a membership fee.

Becoming a member of a club is the only way to access cannabis legally and it is essential to remember that it is not legal to buy it and consume it on the street and that it cannot be compared to a common cigarette.

Don’t smoke Marijuana on the street.

It would be a serious mistake, paid dearly, to consume grass everywhere and without limits. The police constantly check the streets to avoid smoking in public places or in the street, and if you are caught in the act the fine to be paid starts from 300 euros, as well as being registered and reported. Even the possession of Marijuana is absolutely forbidden, for any amount.

That’s why Cannabis Social Clubs are born, comfortable places to relax and smoke without fear or restrictions.

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