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Is CBD safe for our pet friends?

CBD, as a natural herbal supplement, is becoming increasingly popular.There are many scientific studies and experiments that now confirm that this compound offers several health benefits, thanks to its anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective and anticonvulsant properties.

Just as in support of humans, cannabis and CBD offer a natural and holistic option for dogs and cats, who are in particular medical conditions, including seizures, nausea, stress, pain, anxiety, back pain, gastrointestinal problems, cancer symptoms and bone problems. For this reason many veterinarians in Barcelona and around the world recommend CBD to pet owners.

Medical cannabis for pets

Many pet owners are often intrigued by CBD, but do not always know whether it is appropriate to administer it to their four-legged friends.

It is essential to specify that CBD is not responsible for the psychoactive effects caused by cannabis.This is why the intake of supplements containing CBD does not alter the faculties of the animals and, contrary to many traditional painkillers for pets, has no side effects and does not cause damage to the kidney, liver or gastrointestinal tract.

In addition, the CBD molecule acts on a physiologically active system, in our body and in that of virtually all mammals, namely the endogenous cannabinoid system. In this system, CBD acts on the CB1 and CB2 receptors found in the central and peripheral nervous system and, in this way, is able to perform its beneficial effects.

Cannabis and animals

In order to safeguard the domestic animals health it is good to remember, however, that in case of problems it is always necessary to turn to specialists and avoid making decisions independently.

For animals, the dose of CBD to be administered should be calibrated according to species, breed and weight and therefore a veterinarian’s opinion is required.


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